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The Story of the First WAY Alliance Youth

The first youth ever referred to WAY Alliance—before our organization even launched—ended up being adopted by our founder, Joy Miller. Reader’s Digest recently wrote about this young man’s unusual story. Joy Miller first met Logen when he called WAY Alliance, a non-profit she runs that helps teens transition out of foster care. “At first glance, […]

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WAY Alliance Featured in the Post-Signal

WAY Alliance and our founder’s adopted son Logen (who aged out of foster care last summer) were featured in a their local newspaper this last week. Read the story below! April 11, 2019 | By Andres David Lopez, Staff Writer Group to connect foster children with mentors Rather than go hungry, Logen Miller said, he […]


What is a WAY Alliance Small Group?

A WAY Alliance Small Group is matched with a specific youth in our program and consists of at least eight adults over the age of 24. In some cases, a youth’s mentor might even be one of the members of the Small Group.


The Story of Two Sisters

I want to tell you a story of two girls.  This is a true story and these sisters grew up right here in Texas. Once upon a time, the sisters had a mommy and a daddy and a safe place to live.  Something went wrong– well, a lot of somethings went wrong. The girls’ father […]


Everyone Needs a Support System

Hannah Cox is the daughter of our board secretary, Angela.  Hannah is a student at Grand Canyon University majoring in English.  She knows first-hand that challenges and setbacks can be difficult in young adulthood.  Thankfully Hannah has a supportive family but the youth in WAY Alliance have nowhere to turn.  We are committed to providing […]